Redondo Beach, CA

All About Redondo Beach, CA

What is now Redondo Beach was once a little lake village called Onoova-nga or “Place of Salt,” where the Chowigna people bartered salt from the old Redondo Salt Lake. The site of today’s Hopkins Wilderness Park in Redondo Beach was once their lookout post. The Chowigna were relocated to missions in 1854 when Manuel Dominguez sold 215 acres of Rancho San Pedro (which included the lake) to William Johnson and Henry Allanson for the Pacific Salt Works.

An old tourist attraction in the area was Moonstone Beach, where tourists would gather moonstones from the mounds that washed ashore during storms. There are still plenty of the beautiful stones to be found there today, as well as rock formations, driftwood, and large waves.

The ocean side of the Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach has restaurants and lots of different boating activities, while the inland side is mostly residential. There are also distinct north and south sections of the city. South Redondo is along the beachfront with a small business district near the pier. North Redondo is a more inland community with some of the city’s major industry.

Greene & Wood Family Dentistry Near Redondo Beach, CA

Drs. Greene and Wood love Redondo Beach, California. Our practice is located ten minutes up the coast in Manhattan Beach, just a mile from the ocean and a few miles south of the Santa Monica Pier. It is no wonder Drs. Greene and Wood chose this area as the best place for their family dentistry practice. As we say, location location location! Give us a call, or better yet, stop by our office to discuss how we can beautify your smile.

See What Redondo Beach Has to Offer

As a beachfront community that was the filming location of the Baywatch series, it’s no surprise that surfing and beach volleyball are big parts of the local culture. There are plenty of great waves to catch and balls to spike over the net, but if you want a more relaxing beach experience, check out the pier! Plenty of local events throughout the year are hosted there, and it’s a great place to take a stroll, watch the waves (and maybe a few sea lions), and enjoy some tasty food.

If you’d like to get out on the water, a great way to do it is booking a sailing tour of the bay with South Bay Sailing. You’re sure to spot some marine wildlife, because they love putting on a show! If you like your tour well enough, they also teach sailing lessons! Another great way to spot marine wildlife is the Redondo Whale Watch. You’ll see seals and dolphins and have a very good chance of spotting whales, all while you enjoy drinks and snacks on the deck of the 65 ft. Navegante.